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Icky Awkward
Ice King, Adventure Time
Happy 2007 everyone! I hope your resolutions make you better people!

Today was wacky. I mean weird wacky. Why? Well, it started this morning. I woke up and started up the Wii, and about 10 minutes into it I had a suprise at my door. It was Erin! She was giving me life a Christmas gift, but I immediately thought "Crud! I forgot to put some pants on!" Needless to say, I was mildly embarrassed. I was so much, that I hardly said anything. Yeah, Maybe its nothing new to her, but that was when we were dating, and now that we aren't.....let's just say the proper term is awkward, at best, at least for me.

I was totally out of it today. I went to work and man, I was sore all over. I still feel it in some spots. I popped some Ibprofen, and I hope the pain goes down some. I an just not feeling well. Anyways, I see Loretta and Brandy, and I am really close to falling over. I was kinda nervous to begin with, but the ickyness was just the thing to cap off my evening. I always enjoy seeing her. She is so beautiful, that I couldn't do her close to any justice.

My sermon went very good last night. Lasted 20 minutes, longest speech I have ever given. I feel like I have just turned down a major path in my life, finally fulfilling what Norman wanted of me years ago. One thing really made me upset was that m own sister didn;t come. I really wanted her too, but she threw a fit and then blamed it on us. I am on non speaking terms with her right now. She knew what this meant to me and I have always been there for her, m own sister......sigh.

I got a $.85 raise today at work due to the minimum wage going up. Muy Excitado!

That's all I have for now. Kicking off 2007 is fun, and if today was any indication of how the year will be, it'll be a good one.

The Allengator


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