Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Oops. My Apologies to the LJers and My LJ

Crap! Here I go posting out the wazoo on xanga, and here you are, not even updated this year......I'm so sorry my LJ. You have always been there for me and.....I treat you like poo. Well, maybe my real New Year's resolution should be to revive you as my main blog. Yeah! That's it! *Mutters about waiting for a permanent account status*

The Allengator

EDIT: Ok, so I decided to place the previous ones I have missed thus far this year. I put them where they appear on my xanga, so starting at January 1st, you can see around 5 new entries that I added tonight. No you are no hallucinating, I just added them, thats all.

The Allengator

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