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2006, Plain Jane Year

Influential News of 2006:
Honestly, it looks like the great year of nothings is upon us again. As I thought and thought, researched and researched, I found out that it was a boring year, with pretty blah stuff. Here's to a better and more interesting new year!

10) “I’ll show up in my underwear!” - Hussein
9) 2 Previous Presidents Die
8) Taco Bell Manages REALLY bad food….
7) Al-Zaqarwi down!
6) Comics about Muslims (or something like that)
5) Rummy Steps Down
4) N. Korea to test bombs
3) “We need to send more troops (then we have)” – George W.
2) Election Returns Sour for President
1) Saddam Trial and Death

Yeah, so Saddam made the list more than anyone this year. It is just because of how much press he had and how his arrest affected the communities around. Sure wish Bin Laden would have been included as "found dead" but alas, we are not that lucky.

Popular Net Fads of 2006:
10) New Numa
9) Blogs?
8) Nintendo 64 kid
7) Little Superstar
6) Christmas Lights
5) Mentos + Diet Coke
4) Lonelygirl15
3) Youtube Phenomena
2) Chad Vader
1) Vlogs?

Seriously, Vlogs are on the rise, but I doubt if I get into it, mostly because I'm afraid of stalkers.

Personal Favorite Songs of 2006:
10) Savin’ Me – Nickelback
9) The Show Must Go On - Queen
8) Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
7) Rockin’ Into the Night – 38 Special
6) Smokin’ - Boston
5) Together – Krystal Meyers
4) Joker & the Thief - Wolfmother
3) Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
2) I Am the Walrus – The Beatles
1) White & Nerdy – Weird Al

First, OH MY MONKIES! The Beatles got knocked off their throne this year by Weird Al! Secondly, no one appears more then once! I guess my tastes are expanding.

Influential Pop Culture of 2006
10) Brajaleena?
9) K-Fed up
8) Brokeback Mountain *shudders horribly*
7) Spore game
6) Boar-Rat
5) Katie Couric Takes Anchor Chair
4) Steve Irwin….croinky…..
3) Peter Boyle Dies
2) Don Knotts Dies
1) Console Wars v 3.0!

Personal Favorite Discoveries of 2006
10) Propeller Chip
9) Insonicnia
8) MST3K
7) J-K Flip flops
6) Get Fuzzy
3) VAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Heroes
1) Wii!!!!!!!!!!

The Top three were sooooo hard to place, about as bad as the music ones. Man, Conforming and drinking Vault is about as much fun when you are watching the latest Heroes promo on the Wii.

Now for the main one.

Top 10 Personal Events of 2006 (Dun dun duuuuun……)
10) Finding a path for a job
9) Daniel goes full time!
8) Grandmother’s Death
7) Miss Kitty R.I.P.
6) Letting Go
5) Leading Sunday School
4) Leaving Stupid Fresh
3) Mothers + Hospitals = Not Fun
2) My first sermon
1) The late August thing (It’s the good development, seriously!)

And that wraps up this blog for the year 2006. I'll try not to repeat much of what I said in the beginning, so......I can look back and say that I have deffinately grown in the past year, and hope to grow some more next year. I know itll be a big year, as well as 2008 when I have to face the real world. Well, ready or not, here I come!

Happy New Year, and as always, CONFORM! DRINK VAULT!!!!

The Allengator

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