Allen (allengator86) wrote,

E-Cards Have All Been Sent

This should be a non wii-related entry. Let's see....

I looked up at the little tower thingie that most banks have, that tell like the temperature and junk, and saw the date 12-21. I thought to myself, "CRAP, I still need to send out Christmas cards!" So now there is no chance of people getting my highly coveted and original cards, so now I have to improvise. There is only one thing faster and more reliable than the US Postal Service, and that, my good friends, is the internet. So E-Christmas Cards it is for most of my friends, minus a few I will see and be able to personally give. So check your inboxes, my friends (Except you Louisiana and.....Texas?) and they should be sent no later than Saturday.

I still have to wrap up my last few gifts. Then relax, minus work, which will be over by Saturday afternoon.

If you'll excuse me, I have a list of things to do, as follows:

1) Send out E-Cards
2) Work on End-Year Entry
3) Finish Wrapping Presents
4) Work on Sermon
5) Watch more videos about Frontpage 2003
6) PLAY WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I honestly thought this WOULD have been a Wii-less entry....oh wells.....

The Allengator

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