Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Today was Wacky for a Friday

Too many things about today, but first, one about yesterday.

I was minding my own business, aka "zoning" when a lady asked me if we had any atomic clocks. Since I work in furniturem which involves amongst all things, candles as well as clocks, I informed her that we did not have any as they are popular due to the stupid ad about atomic clocks on the crazy wall*mart radio network right now ("Yeah, we like totally get our time from Colorado, yo! Its like what the military uses or somethin'). She asked if we had any in the back. I told her no, as I have looked previously and through the truck. Nearly in tears, she asked when they would come in again. I told her I do not have access to that information, nor does anyone else (the truth, so quit asking me "when") so I told her a response that evidently meant death. I told her anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, which is the norm, as the warehouse peeps in Bentonville Arkansas don't give a rip. As she walked away semi-angry semi-emotional, it hit me that people care more about atomic clocks than they do about life itself, Calm down, random customer lady. I didn't get emotional when not once, not twice, but THREE fricken' times I did not get a Wii. I didn't cry. It was more like "Meh". Oddly, that encounter brought me joy. Maybe I was just laughing on the inside, as I was "trying to feel her pain".

Onto today. I woke up weirdly. Everyone was gone, and I was alone. This means one thing. Sleep or play mind-numbing video games. This morning I felt like neither. What did I do? I cleaned the house. Anyone that knows me knows I do not clean outside work. What the heck was wrong with me. I cleansed the living room. I was proud. Then, I ate some pizza and watched the timeless forgotton classic christmas movie "Cricket on the Hearth", which sucked. Seriously, it was sad AND dull.

Work. Came in, and realized that most of my lunch things were thrown away. Like $7 worth of food. I'm mad. Silent protest against maintenance.

Later. Silent protest does not last long.

Next see Erin, said hi, but had to move because its pretty busy at Wall*mart.

Saw Loretta. Didn't say hi due to drill in hand.

Dave was happy today. That made me forget that over an hours worht of food was missing.

Had meeting. Free cookies. I guess to make up for the $7 of missing food. At least there are still strawberry milkshake whoppers and easy cheese shar cheddar to look forward too.

Was bored most of night. Resenting some management. Might get into later.

Soap opera time! All workplaces have one, right? Well, those in Marshtown will know who I am talking about. I am not involved, but sissie is in a roundabout way. There is this high profile individual in town that is a "peeps" greeter. He habgs out with old ladies. Anyways, he dumps his latest gf for one that is 2 or 3 years younger than me. She is a brat and is not nice to people. I try to be nice to her, but she pretty much doesn't like anyone. Anyways, she tortures his ex by text messaging her cell and calling her to tell her that she means nothing, using said guy's celly. And he is there letting her do it. And he's ok. Never would have guessed that this guy is also a preacher........Anyways, ex is a good friend of sissies, and her, most of the photo lab people, 85% of the associates, most management are very upset with peeps greeter. If I got involved, I'd be mad too. Well, a group of girls decide to have a "silent protest" against peeps greeter, but it doesn't phaze him as most townsfolk that come in do not know what a moron he is and talks with him anyhow, because he is a high profile individual. Might be president someday. Anywho, sissie tells me today that she htinks he is close to getting fired. Another crazy fact. Guess who is more popular than peeps greeter. Thats right, yours truly. Seriously, every day my sister tells me how people ask her about me and how they think I'm nice. I like it when people say nice things about me. I just try to be who I am and keep it real. being more popular then "write a column in the local newpaper every week" guy is pretty neat, although easy now that most people despise him. As for me, I am just staying the same, because that's who I am. Will I join the resistance? No, because I stay out of things like thatm esecially when it involves scores of angry women. If I always lose to just one angry woman, what are my chances against many? If I joing the coalition, what does that make me? A preacher hater? A persom who sticks up for true love? Someone who does not have enough exciement in their life? No, I must focuson my goal of taking over the store within the year, but erosion takes so gosh darn long.

Oh yeah, met the world's biggest douche-bag today. Bigger than peeps greeter. I will not go into detail of his convo with his wife/significant other, but I can place two words and you can put it together. Beating and Woman. Exactly. I was there, minding my own business, when he was talking about "an annoying co-worker at his job" when those words came up, and his wife/significant other quietly said something out of earshot, and he notices me, never gives eye contact and says "I don't care if anyone hears this". I wanted to deck him, but then again, I have a thing against punching ladies like him. I'm sorry, it really hit a nerve and it took all my energy to keep out of it, and it was probably best. His wife/significant other better gwet out of that relationship, FAST.

Ok, rant over.

I went to Mardel's Wednesday and bought, "Scatagories". ITs the Bible Version. Quite fun. It really makes you think, which is awesome.

That's it for now. Have a nice weekend ever-body.

The Allengator

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