Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Analogous Waffles

Those are two words on my final yesterday. Here is whyeth they are mentioned.

17 (or something to that effect): A wall and water are ANALOGOUS to what electrical compnent?

I don't know, but I want to try to insert the word analogous to any conversation I have now. It's just too cool! Now what about waffles....

23 (yeah....): The amount of AC riding on a DC pulse from a power supply is called what?

a. Error Count
b. Ripple
c. Waffle
d. None of these

(note, answer may or may not be totally b)

Hee, waffles. OH! Speaking of waffles, I was on yesterday and was reading the latest Heroes recap. Something genious. Hiro (The Japanese dude who can bend time and space) has been trying to contact the Pecog (paint the future, yo!) painter Isaac Mendez. Whenever Hiro tries to speak to him in partial Engrish, he pronounces his name oddly (Eeee-sock Menduz) and usually refers to him as Mr. Isaac. Put Mr. and his first name together and what do you get? That's right! Mystery Sock!!!!!!!!!!! That's bloody genious!

My second final couldn't have been easier. 60 questions, done in 7 minutes. Easy Cheesy. Today's final in digital, eh, feeling pretty good about it. I hope I can get a B, or even more miraclously, an A. Interfacing, here I come! Tomorrow I start my first "continuing education" class on Windows Frontpage 2003, but its all online, view it anytime I want, take an open-everything online final, and either pass or fail, which fail means you did absolutely nothing in that class, so this will totally not be as stressful as a campus class. I'm doing this to prep for my website and so I can work on my church's more. Then I go back to college in January, which should be my final full semester of school ever, which will have my hardest, hard-core classes for my degree, so the next few months should be interesting. Then graduation, then come back to take an internship. Fun fun.

Now that I am done with school for some weeks, I oughta be lurking on here more (ok, maybe next week when I do not have to go back to OTC for a meeting or daytripping the town) and be more relaxed minus work. Speaking of work, good news! Not only do I have Christmas off (tis closed), I get the Eve off too, which I was afraid I wouldn't since "no one gets that day off" - per management. I wanted off since its on a Sunday, but I guess I wouldn't have minded working.

I have done 0% christmas shopping, but I am going to get some done tomorrow. Right now I have to find my dad something. I browsed for the ladies, but not a clue for daddy-doo. He bragged on his flashlight collection the other day (which is what we usually get him, as well as hardware) which was disturbing enough. I need ideas. Something for the man who asks for nothing. Money/Gift cards are IMO thoughtless, but I would never say no to them (Hint HINT people lurking from Louisiana). If things go right, my Aunt will visit Christmas. YAY!!!!!!

Sad news! Foxtrot is going to be a Sunday only strip from now on :( :( :( :( :( :( :(. I looked at the possible replacements for the Springfield News Leader, and they all look dumb. I'd love to see "Get Fuzzy" in my paper, but I guess fuzziness goes to Garfield, or in a ANALOGOUS sense, Family Circus........

That's all for todays allengator86's bloggity blog blog blog entry. Drive safely, or if you're a Quebecian Semi-truck driver, may God strike you for running cars off the road in your semi-french semi......

Dude relaxing on the beach in July is ANALOGOUS to me right now.

The Allengator

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