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Final Remarks

Hi everybody.

I'm still in modest exile from the rest of the world....well, namely, the internet, for another day. Finals are this week, and I spent a good part of last week studying, making sure I knew formulas, despite the fact that we can use a sheet, used simulation software to work on circuitry, and looked at the book during any available time, including during breaks at work. That was just for my linear final. My EMP I am 5% concerned about. My'm going to spend the better part of the day on it. I hope to pull off a B in digital.

I took my Linear final this morning. Can we say BRUTAL? Brutal. Good job. I knew you could. Yeah, I studied the crap out of that test, and it was the last page that killed me. Stupid BJT Common Emitter non-swamped amplifier. They wanted to know Voltage gain, which is one part I neglected, because we never talked about it. I seriously think that the final reaked of pure evil. A final never appeared as evil since my intro to physics final my second semester in this institution. Like, second worst final. That bad. I mean I guess I spazzed when I found out that instead of 10% that it was 20% of our grade. EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am confident that I pulled no lower than a C on that final...............I hope, nay, beg for eternal forgiveness to the powerful emitter God to show forgiveness for one man's insecurity and give me a B for the grade. PLEASE GREAT EMITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned my lesson though. Next time I build a "one-time use" time machine, I need to go back and make sure that the inventors of the transistor never collaborate and that it is never invented, because cmon. Who uses transistors nowdays anyways. Sure, computers will cease to exist, as well as most modern technology, but thats a small price to pay compared to solving for an amplifier circuit. Those things are evil, and in the real world you do not go around saying "Oh, I know that the voltage across the collector-emitter junction of a Common Base BJT amplifier circuit is 7.21 volts when the first resistor......" If it doesn't work, they just replace it. They don't care about input/output impedences.....

Ok, freak show over.

Instead of dwelling in the past...which was 30 minutes ago, I should prep for the future, which is like less then 24 hours. After tomorrow, I should be back on here and updating this thing on a more near-daily basis. Just bear with me people..........

*Mumbles something about stupid BJTs*

*Mumbles something about stupid Quebecian Semi-Truck drivers*

*Mumbles the end*

The Allengator

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