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Poll, if You Will

Before I post the question, I just want to thank my beautiful girlfriend Erin for sending me a random act of kindness. I know I do it to her sometimes, but I needed it and I will lwys appreciate it!

Now to business.

I am inquiring, those who read this, whether I should do which of the following to this blog:

(A) Update 1-2 time per week, with some semi-lengthy entries
(B) Update close to daily with shorter (like the previous one, if not some longer) entries, and have some lengthy ones ever so often
(C) Independant

All you have to do, anonymously if you chose so, is simply put A or B down. If you put C, unplug your computer and never use another electronic device again in your life. Another Duh is to vote only once please. I would love to have some feedback on layout, entires, style, jokes and articles vs. my life, etc. I would love to hear from some peeps.

Results of the poll will be posted around December.

The polls are now open

The Allengator
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