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Things in My World. Had Nothing Else Wittier to Put Here.

I'm here everyone!

Sorry for the lack o' updates, but my days have been pretty packed the past week. After the disappointing day of not getting a Wii, I just decided to put my energy into something else, and that AKmost finished all my homework for the semester, so I'm happy.

The guy that I called a "smart elek" (Well, close to it, in PG-13 word) that I kicked myself for last week, I realized that he is just a jerk and he honestly annoys the stuffing out of me. Seriously. All he does is makes fun of people and insults anything on any subject. Its like he wants to be the center of attention and I've just about had it. I could take him on, but the inner pacifist in me sayeth "nope". At least its only 3 weeks until the end of the semester, so joys!

Other then that, life has been prutty boring. Work is as annoying as ever, church is great, and life is grand.

I've been spending a LOT of time talking to Loretta, and I've completely fallen for her. She is just so beautiful, kind, caring, and other good adjectives here. My only wish is that we could see each other in person more, but our schedules do not allow it.

Cutting this short so I can watch the people of complain about the Wii. I don't post on there, but its funny when people go on about "My TV bwoke" or "WHENS THE NEXT SHIPMENT COMEING IN!!!!!!!!!!11111". It's my joy. Take care. I'll update more as I have little to do other than work the next 5 days or so.

The Allengator

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