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Uh....Should I Laugh?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Ok, so I go to work today, and lo and behold, there are people there. Not just any people, for that would be too mundane to type about. No, these are people waiting on the royal majesty known as the Playstation 3. Yes, you too can camp on the inside of our glorious Stupid Center, with a cot, and wait not one, not two, but three whole days in preparation for the gala event, because the town of Marshfield will be flocking to spend nearly one grand on a bunch of transistors and chips. I wanted to laugh, and I did my best not to in front of the people, and I maintained composure. Boy that was hard. I admire their animosity, but seriously! At least I wont have to be there tomorrow, and they will be gone by Friday. Thank Goodness.

Quick note: Erin just deleted my last comment and I'm not on her friends list on here, again. Um.....I seriously do not know what's going on with her, but maybe its best for me to not find out. If she wants to block me again, fine, but I honestly have no clue as to why.

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