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Like I said, I will post my xanga stuff on here, so here it is. My xanga.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Currently Listening
Past Masters, Vol. 2
By The Beatles
Old Brown Shoe
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Hello to all the fine people of Xanga and the world over!

I would normally start out introducing myself, but instead of doing that, I will give you a couple of links that I have spent multiple hours and hours on that describe my life in some detail, or as much as I feel like. Search for jazzytrombone on there. You have to have an account and get ahold of me in order to access it. Better safe than sorry.

What I hope to accomplish on here is simply to add another blog to this big wide open internet of ours, where wasting time is the pasttime!

I guess I could say what I will talk about on here. Well, several things. College, when it is in session, Work, when it is a real pain in the neck, and often times is, my friends and family on occasion, the love of my life, Ms. Erin, and my religious beliefs and opinions.

I have not abandoned my journal per say, but I like the look of this site so far. I have also tried to bring my website back to its former glory but some things *cut to a scene with me playing videogames while watching the muppet show* have kept me from utilizing as much time as I want to. This will hopefully let you guys know when these are updated.

I doubt if this blog will be any different over time. There will not be any regular updates, just when life lets me (or reminds me with a swift kick) have some free time, which outside of summer and the month of December, is very little. I am not saying I will not update this, but they will most likely be small blurbs about life in general. In saying this, today is my last day of freedom before college starts up. I have a four-day working marathon starting tomorrow.

Work? Oh, where do I work! I work in a local chain down in southern Missouri called "Summer Fresh" and I have worked there for 2+ years as of yet. I have, for the majority, been a sacker/carryout. Then about the first December, I started to be the floor maintenence guy on the weekends, which is fancy for saying "waking up before the crack of dawn and pushing grossly outdated machinery." I have had several problems there, such as mesley pay, no benefits, and the like. Why do I work there? They are one of the most flexable scheduling businesses near where I live that doesn't involve flipping meat. I work during the daytimes, which is better than the alternative, which is working with a bunch of slacking off kids...sorry guys. Despite the 37 hours a week I work, I am not considered full time, which angers me. However, in the past month, I have been transferred over to the produce (thats fresh fruits and veggies, kiddies!) 3 days a week, while being stuck on floor duty...which is ok I guess, because I get short, early Sundays which helps me attend my church service. So right now everything is groovy over there. Will post some more about this place in the future.

College is what I do on my two days off of work. Right now I go Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I am studying to be a computer repairer/electrical engineer. I am also considering programming. I make pretty good grades in my opinion. I have made some new friends there, which I may or may not elaborate on. Other than that, not much to say.

As I mentioned a couple of times in this entry, I am very religious. Most things in here will be rated PG (if notes are not, they will be deleted. I will not tolerate that. I'm not saying to exclude criticism, but keep it clean!) and I take it very seriously. I belong to the Church of Christ and have been a baptized member for a few months, so I am still growing an learning in faith all the time. Most of my values stem from this. Some were made on a conscious level beforehand, but they are in accordance with God's word, and if it is not, I will change it to please him. Some values include, but not limited to: no drinking, no illegal drugs, no smoking, no sex before marriage, no cussing, not to provoke bad thoughts, etc. You get the general idea.

My likes. Well, if this feature is kept on here, one thing you will notice is I listen to a LOT of Beatles music. Right now it is "Old Brown Shoe" from the Past Masters album. It was the B side to the single "The Ballad of John and Yoko". Yes, I have plenty of trivia. Another big like is the website, which I visit quite frequently. I love the humor, and I may comment on this every now and then. I also like the comic strip "Pearls Before Swine" ( Stephan Pastis has got to be one of my most favorite humorists of all time, but not the greatest (sorry!). And yes, HUGE fan of humor. Comedies, jokes, humor in general is my favorite genre. I will post stuff on here every once in a while that I think are funny....mind you ME. I might also put lyrics to songs I like. Yes, that might seem feminine, but I think some songs need to be brought to the spotlight that are not heard as often.

I welcome comments that are constructive or just saying hi. I am a nice guy, and I don't go around saying "Boy, I SO lied on my blog. I hate everyone, including my girlfriend." My thought on here are honest. If I mis-speak or mis-type and someone points it out, I will correct it if I meant it to be different. I am not talking about grammatical or spelling, but comments I make or mistakes I make. Sometime I am in a rush and do not comprehend what I say. I AM human. I encourage anyone and everyone to email me, IM me, or whatever medium you like (no phone number or mailing address, sorry ). Sometime I am social and sometimes I am busy, but I will reply to anyone who gets ahold of me. I do request one thing though. Anyone who contacts me, make sure you mention "xanga, blog, or entry title" in the subject line or IM message. I do get spammed some and if it doesn't look like anything I would read, I discard it. Even on yahoo I have people IM me just because we live in the same state! Don't get me wrong, I like conversation, but they're mostly girls who just want a rebound after a relationship goes sour. So please, PLEASE include the afforementioned words in the subject line or IM. That's all I ask!

That wraps it up for my first-ever blog entry on here! Sorry if it was too long or that it wasted your time, but I felt if you're going to start something, you have to do it right, so I've spent over an hour typing this, trying to get my thoughts out in a readable transcript, for you, the reader. In the end, I try to please you. I hope you enjoy reding this xanga and I will see you in the near future.

Thank you, and may God bless!

The Allengator

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Currently Listening
Real Love
By The Beatles
Real Love
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As mentioned efore in the last entry, I will be doing some lyrics things on here, so I guess this is an appropriate one. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Can anyone else explain this? A sample of this song is here:

"Real Love" - The Beatles (John Lennon)

All my little plans and schemes,
lost like some forgotten dreams,
seems that all I really was doing
was waiting for you.
Just like little girls and boys,
playing with their little toys.
Seems like all they really were doing
was waiting for love.
Don't need to be alone,
no need to be alone.
It's real love, it's real.
Yes it's real love, it's real.
From this moment on I know
exactly where my life will go.
Seems that all I really was doing
was waiting for love.
Don't need to be afraid,
no need to be afraid.
It's real love, it's real.
Yes it's real love, it's real.
Thought I'd been in love before,
but in my heart, I wanted more.
Seems like all I really was doing
was waiting for you.
Don't need to be alone,
don't need to be alone.
It's real love, it's real.
It's real love, it's real.
Yes it's real love, it's real.
It's real love, it's real.
Yes it's real love, it's real.
It's real love, it's real.
Yes it's real love, it's real.
It's real love, it's real.

And with that sobering note, I will leave you.

The Allengator

Currently Reading
Foundations of Electronics
By Russell L. Meade
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Well, today is my first day of college, ad it was not bad to return in the swing of things. In case you did not know, I am an Electronics Repair (hereafter shortened to ELT) Major, and This is my second year (third semester) of college. I go to Ozarks Technical Community college (hereafter referred to as OTC). Here is a Breakdown of my classes:

NET 225 (Windows 2003 Server Operating System) - Thi class will not be one of those breeze over classes, but I had the teacher last semester, and he is pretty awesome. I am hoping for a B in this class, and it really shouldn't be that hard, me hopes.

IAD 115 (Introduction to (ignore Internet Application Development) E-commerce - The teacher seems pretty cool and one of my friends told me that she is pretty easy. I THOUGHT this class was going to be about scripting, but alas, it was intro to E-commerce, so I don't know how this will go. It seems I give it a B or an A, depends how the next couple of weeks shape out.

CIT 120 (Introduction to Computer Iformation Technology) - This class is so easy! I have went over all the stuff that the class will cover in other clsses, like hardware and networking, so I'm hoping it will be an asy A, well, thats what he says. My teacher's face is a cross between Andy Griffith and John Ashcroft. He seems pretty cool.

The only class I have not had yet (I's updating between classes)

ELT 103 (Circuit Analysis II) - Its been a year since my last circuit analysis class, so I hope it's easy. I will update on it soon.

That is my college day, from 8 am - 8 pm. My IAD class and CIT class are only 5 minutes apart, in the same room! That's the same room from 11 am - 2:50, nearly 3 hours!!! Well, it's not bad....they are computer desks after all......they keep me occupied. That's all I have for now. As I said, I will update soon (either tonight or tomorrow). See you peeps later!

The Allengator

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Currently Watching
The Muppet Show - Season One (Special Edition)
By Frank Oz, Jim Henson
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Ok ok ok, so ELT 103 will be on the awesome level right now. It is a class of 8, with a teacher who has done tons of stuf, like provide basses and bass amps for people like Johnny Cash's Band. He seems neat. Best part - he said most people make an A in his class, so my projected grade is an A. Yay!

Other than that, nothing to report. Nothing at all. Good night, or if its sometime different, good day!

The Allengtor

Currently Gaming
Hoyle Table Games 2004
By Sierra
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Dismal End of Summer Entry

It has been a long and trying summer for a lot of people I know and love. Where could I start......

First big thing I remember is one of my girlfriend's good friends died in a terrible car accident towards the end of June, and I made a huge post on the open diary page, so I really do not feel like going into vast detail again.

Then my second cousin had a baby girl and she died soon after birth. Its been killing her, I know, but there is not a whole lot anyone can do about it now. Sorry Ginger :(.

After that, my girlfriend's grandfather went into the hospital and things went well, but it was heart breaking at the time. About 3 weeks later he developed pneumonia and died a week later. It has been hard on her family for a while.

This great guy at work, his name is Charlie, his wife died about two weeks ago. He was talking about her right before she passes on, about how she had 6 types of cancer at the same time and that the Lord had other plans for her, he wouldn't keep her from her appointment. She died that night, and I felt terrible for him. It made me think.

A local trooper died on the interstate about a week and a half ago. It was hard for some of my pals at work. Not a very pleasant day.

A woman who goes to my church has a brother who was crushed by some car equipment. That's all I honestly know.

After some bad vibes, my girlfriend left her church that she has attended for quite few years. She has been pretty miserable off and on since

One of my very good friends I used to work with had some horrible news. Her father commited suicide in their house, with young girls in there. He has been depressed for a long time, and something just drove him over the edge. He was an uncle to a guy at work and he has been taking this pretty hard. He actually opened up to me one day.....and this is a guy who I thought was pretty self centered....well, he still is, but he won't be the same for a while.

Needless to say, I've been praying about all summer. I've prayed for their comfort, their family's comfort, that God will continue to watch over them, and that they will find that light at the end of the tunnel......Its been tough. I've had it easy compared to everyone else. So many lives........

So many people touched......

The Allengator

Friday, August 26, 2005

Next up.....

I hope I will have a much "happier" parts of summer entry. I will see as time allows.

I'm hoping to add a new module to this page, thats about it.

Talk 'atcha later.

The Allengtor

Ok, thats it for now. See you guys later.

The Allengator
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