Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Frothy Day

It has been a very dark and gloomy day. Very stormy. Why, I was walking inbetween classes, holding a parmesian chicken sandwhich (From the way it tasted, the term chicken was used VERY loosely), was really cool from a 5 yard walk.....inbetween buildings.....and it nearly knocked me over too. The sun never really came out today. CNN was on in the main building on campus, telling the world of the 50+ counties around tennessee and illinois that were under a tormado warning. But the sky was grey all day, rain intermittently, cold-ish, amd extremely windy. It was beautiful. Call me crazy, but I like it when the weather is like this. Nice cuddling weather......not that I did with anyone, Erin........seriously!

Its the holiday season at Stupid Fresh!!!!!! Everyone's nerves are going full blast and it's busier than.....well, a Dokken concert. By the way, WE ARE DOING THE SHOPPERS CASH PROMOTIONS WHERE ONE FULL CARD WILL YIELD ONE FREE POUND OF TURKEY, SO STOP ASKING ME THE MEEK AND ELDERLY!!!!!!!! Sorry about the rant. It's been on my freakin nerves...all those people asking me and management not smart enough to figure out that custoers want to know instead of being in the blank. Not smart dudes. Another rant for SF. The MAN (ala Russell) asked me yesterday to do a job for him....that involved BRAINS, of all things. Here is what I was thinking...

A) When does ANYTHING around here revolve around brains?
B) Why come the other workers were not equipped with one?
C) You just seriously dissed yourself.

Well, ok, enough ranting. Hopefully I will get my new Homestar Runner DVD tomorrow and everything will be peahy-ish keen.

Oh yeah, and you can thank my weird outlook to Mountain Dew : MDX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give you a semi-buzz

The Allengator
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