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The Weekly Stuff In Photos

Ok, I decided, for now, to not xanga/lj lock my blogs.....yet. I AM getting more and more bitter/scared that there are anonymous people viewing my blog, but hey, if "Louisiana" ends up being a serial killer, oh well. Seriously guys/girls/its, please, it only takes a few seconds to make this clown happy. Please....

Ok, as the title implies, this entry will be covered in photos/images. So without furthur adeiu, here are the pictorials.

This goes out to all my morans...

I guess this guy is from Missouri, since his shirt says "cardinals" on it. I'm not sure where the Microsoft Word 0.01 was, but where are the red squiggly lines and the paper clip? I hope the "moran" part was on purpose, for his sake.......this makes me cry.

Wii want more!!!

Is anyone else besides me turned on by that beautiful blue glow? I am seriously stoked about the Wii. I will post more on my thoughts next week. I am not sure if I will get one at launch, depends on my holiday bonus that i'll get soon.
Still want more Wii?
Man, I so want one.
Cal Bears?  Pastis Pastis Pastis...
Ok, this has been a theme the past couple of days on pearls. This one is verily verily goodish. A tight end kills me...hee. Tight end are ok, but I also an more biased towards different ones...
Don't even get me started on this. It was clearly photoshopped. Firstly, there has never been a "school" in Lost, and secondly, look at the right-most arm on Locke. It has clearly been partially cropped. I do like the caption though. You money is a sacrifice the island demands! Hee.
I didn't know I was japanese!
Hiro, AKA Master of time and Space AKA Me as a Japanese dude AKA awesomest character on Heroes. I just LOVE his character. You can read more about him here.
Challenging Chip
This is what I am working with in our little ELT Society. It is called the "Propeller Chip". Supisingly versitle and powerful, and hopefully I can manipulate it well soon.
That beith the end of this text file. Until the next text file goes live, defragment your hard drives.
The Allengator
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