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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Entry? Sure, Why Not?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Wow. According to my feedback log, I have had hits from New York, Illinios, AND Louisiana. Seriously people, if you do not want me to enable xanga lock on here, get off your lazy fingers, log in/sign up, and leave me freaking comments! I love the hits, but seriously, I could write the entire dumb works of Shakespeare and possibly get Jazzy_One saying, "Cool, I like it. <3 ~Sprin". Not that I don't appreciate her comments, but seriously, I would like an ego stroke every once in a while. Oh wells.

All comments aside, final thoughts on election. Two words. Freakin' Awesome! I was up 'til about 2 AM watching the results, and the senator I voted for got in!!!!!!! It was partially based on my dislike of Bush AND the incumbant. TAKE THAT LOOOOOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, now we need a bipartisan government, sounds good in theory, but I think we have almost shot ourselves in the foot this time. Only time will tell. As far as Missouri goes, boo to the stem cell (which was worded HORRINDOUSLY), and tobacco tax not passing. BOO! Inversly, YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY on new minimum wage! 3 RAISES THIS YEAR, BOOYAH!!!!!!!

Ok, so now that I feel richer, I can do more things, like sleep, which I have gotten about a grand total of 12 hours of this week. Last night it was due partially to the election, and I got to class 1 minute late because of sleeping in and trains. Missed an attendance quiz, but this is the first time in 3 years I have been late. Still an awesome track record.

Now the christmas season starteth, actually, it began for me months ago, because I work at Wall*Mart (Yes, I am STILL purposefully spelling it wrong so I won't get caught by corporate in case I need to vent). I put Christmas frames up, right next to the deer that has brown jellybeans and when you press his head, it looks like he's poopin'. No joke. 'Tis the season......

Right now my focus is shifting from life to school. I really need to crack down more on my schoolwork, so I can come out with an awexome GPA this semester. We will be starting Basic Stamps in digital soon. I am so stoked for that.

Right now I am not sure what to think. I really need to find out who I am in the sentimental/romantic area. I do well when I am on the internet, but when I am with a beautiful girl in person.....I'm just not the same. Don't know why. I'm not nervous, just.....shy? I don't know. I like this girl, and she likes me. I would love to go out with her, and I know she would with me. Whenever I see her though, something is stopping me from just flooding her with sentimental stuff. Maybe I am still not ready, maybe I need to focus on other stuff instead of my love life right now....I'm not sure. I have never understood myself, probably never will. Maybe I just need to get my priorities straight. Maybe I need someone to love, to make me feel better. Maybe I just need to focus on my relationship with God. Maybe I just need to be by myself for a while. Maybe I should stop writing sentences beginning with the word maybe. Maybe so.......darnit!

This girl, who I am sure will come up several times, is someone I just connected with. We have helped each other out many times in the short time we have talked. She is very sweet and kind, and we share pretty much the same morals and such. She is very beautiful and I love hugging/holding her (we were in the doorway for what seemed like 5 minutes, not near enough time for me). We both like each other and flirt constantly on here. We both think we will make an awesome couple. That's all I will say for now. I just hope I can figure something out before she decides to move on, but I shouldn't hinder her either. Man, I think I am making this too complicated. KISS people.

Elsewheres, I will not work on my site until I am out of school. These next few months will be very very busy for me, with the competition, hard classes, work, and other things. After next week, I am going to work on my possible sermon in December. I have been teaching the adult Bible class in church for a few months, and I think I am doing a decent job of it. I like it, learning new stuffs. Paul is such a huge inspriation if you ever get to study him, and I suggest you do.

I guess I will work on some formulas and stuff, and I am fresh out of material, so keep it real people, and remember, if all else fails, use common sense, and if you're low on that, THEN panic.

*Watches the populace panic*

The Allengator