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Political Correction Agency, Pt. 2
Lost Cast
Once again, let me express my almost bottled up fury at Current TV for now placing these on YouTube or Google Video so that I can place them on the internets.....grr....

For a humorous look at tomorrow's election, go here.

Missouri Voters, I urge you to go here. It has all the amendments and junk on tomorrows election, IN PLAIN ENGLISH!!!!!!!! Muy important if your ballot says:

Do you not believe in not causing a raise in the minimum wage? A vot yes is not for it and a vote no is almost against it.

Yeah, I have served in every election thus far. As for my other readers (I know there IS one in Louisiana...come out come out whereever you are, I'm a nice guy! I swear!) please go on to a search engine and look up "state you are voting in voting". Please do not actually put "state you are in voting", because then I will personally do everything in my power to keep you from voting in the election, because if you don't understand that.....just saying....

I am doing this for everyone else's benefit, so that way when you go to the polls tomorrow, you will have an idea what this jargon is saying.

More thoughts on the election tomorrow, me hopes.

The Allengator


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