Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Queens of the Music Age

The past few days. Let's see here...

I didn't have school on Thursday, so I got my hair cut and slept in. I did the same on Friday and this morning, but I have work earlier than the norm, so I had no choice when I had to get up, but I had some nice breadsticks with maranaira sauce. It was good. What else has happened....

On Wednesday, was preselling the Nintendo Wii, and I would have totally gotten one, but there was a problem, on Wall*Mart's side. That is they were selling packs of the merchandise. $533 freakin' dollars. Jeez. Yeah, it included like 5 games, all the hardware, points for the virtual console, but I don't want 4 of the titles I could possibly choose from. There is only one I really want, and that's the next-gen Zelda game. It didn't matter anyhow. They sold out in 5 minutes. No exaggeration.

I have been listening to Queen a lot lately. I recently bought two albums ("Classic Queen" and "A Night at the Opera") and I like the latter one. I have listened to the songs "The Show Must Go On" "Somebody to Love" "Seaside Rendevous" "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" "'39" amongst others. I think they describe how I have been feeling as of late. It's cool.

I'm going to post some vids over the course of the next two days, if they are put on youtube. One is called "Joke Botchin' John" and the other is called "You Gotta Vote". Good stuff. Good stuff.

I have a dinner date with someone tomorrow. I'm anxious and trying to not being a hypocrite, mostly with the "leap of faith" and "risk" statements I told to a good friend. Not saying I'm not looking forward to it, because I totally am, it's just....I haven't felt like this in a while and the last time I did.....don't dwell in the past, right?

Well, I gotta go put on my happy face and go work for the man. Keep it real, Johnny!

The Allengator

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