Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Conform, Yet Don't Conform.

This morning I was driving down the interstate (don't worry, not a traffic blog!), and the subject on my mind today was conformity. I was trying to figure out how conformist I am. Who do I confrom to. How individualistic am I? How much of a sheep am I? Here is what I found out.

When it comes to chruch, I am mostly conformist, but I have my own style too. I prefer to look at positive thigns and make interesting analogies, to kind of break from thr monotony of the service. A lifter if you would.

At work, muchly conformist too. I just do what management tells me of I get terminated. Not a lot of room for my ideals, now is it?

At school, other than the course of study, I feel like I am individualistic, which may be why I complain little about school. Labs I can do my way. Discussions I do my thing. I help others. Sometimes, I can be very unothadox when explaining things. I guess I express myself better at school then other places, which has always been the case.

At home, I am both ways. I conform to rules and ways to live, but I keep to myself a lot. My room is my small kingdom in the household, without parental say. So I am an equal share of both.

Outside all these things, aka in public, I am mostly individualistic. I go to odd places in the mall, ranging from borders express, to hot topic. I go to hot topic mostly for the shirts. I can be loose and free, but I still mostly sway to places nerd like me go to, but I am mostly self-conscious in my choices of travel.

My clothes are 99% individualistic. Those who know me know my threads. I wear from plaid, to flames, to polo shirts, to graphic tees, to ones with hilarious messages on it, to plain shirts. Like even in the summer, I wear a t-shirt with some shirt on the outside. I do not however wear shirts about drugs, alchohol, profanity, sex, or other taboos. It's wrong.

My movies are individualistic, as well as my books, tv shows, games, music, and everything else.

Here is my analysis:

The Allengator: 40% Conformist, 60% Individualistic

About even. How do you measure up? Anyways, conformity can be weird and very deep when analyzed. I wondered why I feel like a sheep sometimes, and other times, like a leader. I never would want to be a leader though, just a follower, yet able to do his own thing. That's who I am. I am not you're average joe, but I am predicatble. I am not what is classified as "normal", but I relate easily to others. I am a nutball, yet I am emotional. I am one who follows the rules, yet makes his own. I am -

The Allengator

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