Allen (allengator86) wrote,

A Digital Script

Ok, there are some things that are really bothering me right now, mostly about school, namely digital. You know the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0?” Ok, maybe not, but still. Ok, we were building a circuit that develops random numbers in our class, and it’s a game to where you guess a number and it will tell you through LEDs whether you are “too high” “too low” or “correct”.

Simple concept. No? Well, here is a basic script of what happened.

Circuit: Press the button so that I can choose a random number.

Me: Ok.

Circuit: It will be between 0 – 15

Me: *Presses button*

Circuit: Guess.

Me: Um, 7.

Circuit: Too low.

Me: Ok, 11.

Circuit: Too high.

Me: 9?

Circuit: Correct!!!!!!!!!!

Me: *Presses button* New game!

Circuit: Choose a number.

Me: 5

Circuit: Too low.

Me: *Laughing* Let’s try 9 again.

Circuit: Correct!!!!!

Me: Odd… number.

Circuit: Choose a number.

Me: 11

Circuit: Too high.

Me: 9?

Circuit: Correct!!!!!!

Me: … number?

Circuit: Choose a number.

Me: 9.

Circuit: Correct!!!!!!!

Me: What the crap is wrong with you?

Circuit: New game!!!!

Me: No, you retarded piece of circuitry.

Circuit: Wait, don’t kill me!

Me: Why?

Circuit: Well, I am random!

Me: How can 9, 9, 9, 9 random?

Circuit: Prove its not.

Me: Huh?

Circuit: That’s the thing about being random. You’re never sure if you’re random or not.

Me: Whatever. You’re getting rewired>

*2 hours of repair later*

Me: Ok, now lets try it again.

Circuit: Choose a number.

Me: 9

Circuit: Too low.

Me: YES!!!!! IT’S NOT 9!!!!!! Hmm, how about 11?

Circuit: Too low.

Me: 14?

Circuit: Too low.

Me: Ah, it must be 15!

Circuit: Too low.

Me: Huh? 15 is as high as you can go.

Circuit: Too low.

Me: Answer.

Circuit: 936.


*A class period later*

Me: Now! Let’s do this. 7.

Circuit: Too high.

Me: 3.

Circuit: Too low.

Me: 5.

Circuit: Too Low.

Me: 6!!!!!!!!!

Circuit: Too high.


*Even more work later………..*

Me: 5.

Circuit: Correct!

Me: 3.

Circuit: Correct!

Me: 9.

Circuit: Correct!

Me: I thought we were over that one….



Circuit: WRONG!!!!!!

Me: That’s not a valid output….

Circuit: Awaiting ctrl + alt + del

Me: I think I’ll just skip to the lab questions.

*The circuit faces the same fate as the blink blinkin’ robot and was totally trashed as I threw it off the third story window.*

Me: DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No I am not mental. Anyways, got work to do, like Adobe Aftereffects stuff.

The Allengator

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