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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Out the Wahoo?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Heya heya heya.

Just quickly updating to just tell everyone that I am actually doing really good right now. I mean for a long time I felt like I was spanning the desolate world of....er.....desolation. I mean yeah, I was in a good mood a lot, but I still felt that twinge of despair at times. Being by yourself gets to you after a while. Yeah, theres people at school, home, and church there for me, but I mean people actually talking with you just to talk with you. IF you don't have those, life is pretty sucky.

Anyways, until I can sort things out, heck, I'll still feel good. I mean nothing that I want to share on here yet, but the way things has worked out, and I'm not necessarily talking girl stuff, but its out there.

I think I have a lot of stuff planned out. If all goes according to plan, I'll have that darned degree within months, and I am pyched!!!

Now, now I think I know where I am going. Where I am needed. Where I belong. Everything that was before is now passed. The future looks bright, and for once, I know I have a chance to be someone, and maybe there's a chance I won't have to spend it alone. I have one thing that I have lacked sufficiently the past few months.

And that is hope.

The Allengator