Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Quick Truths - Vol. 2

Ok, I swear, I have put the whole mess behind me, and this entry is going to contain 0% drama. In honor of it being Friday, I decided to add another volume of quick truths. Why you ask? Because it's Friday silly-heads (Whatever that means...)!

Truth: I totally rocked the casbah on the midterm yesterday.

Truth: One thing all man can agree on. We need to breathe to live.

Truth: I guess food and drink should be included in that one too.

Truth: Will is what seperates us from the monkeys, but we will always be unified in our love for bananas.

Truth: I hate those car commercials that has that "Mr. Opportunity" cartoon person on there, showing off those fancy cars. I guess we can say "Opportunity mocks".

Truth: Irony is having a list of people at work who have yet attended a punctuality meeting.

Truth: Resistors are ALWAYS forward biased, but its fun to coordinate the colors.

Truth: Our president is the easiest person to make fun of in our country. This phrase will also apply 10 years from now.

Truth: My family believes that bunnies kill birds.

Truth: Google current just isn't as good as it used to be.

Truth: Aren't redundancies truly redundant?

That's all I have for you for now. Have fun, or something like that.

The Allengator
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