Allen (allengator86) wrote,

What I am About to Say is Important (aka Lament for Tabula Rasa)

Ok, I am sure I will have people stirring from that last entry, but I needed a Tabula Rasa. Everybody needs one of those every once in a while. I just want to point out some things.

Please, I am by no means "a victim". I am simply stating how I feel, and honestly, if what I feel is on false pretenses, I'm sorry, but it is how I FELT. Felt is still past tense, isn't it?

No, no one was leaving me. I just push people too far.

Again, the previous entry was DURING the last few weeks, not real recent. I am pretty much over what was, and I am moving on to what might be.

Yes, I still have memories, and I remember them with my brain.

One other thing. As you can probably tell, I am really not thinking of anyone else right now. So I am being kinda self centered right now (I mean this is MY blog), but really, this is the bottom line:

No one was completely right, wrong, innocent, or victimzed. We all have done bad things, good things, and whatnot, but the bottom line is that despite the last few weeks, I have learned a lot about myself, who I am, and who I shouldn't be, and if that's all I get out of this, it was worth it. I am sorry if you think I am not saying the right things, but we all are not perfect, but I am moving on.

Enough bold.

Um, Church, then Lost, then bed, then midterms. Please, like I said, grain of salt. Please....

The Allengator

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