Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Poor Pluto

*Realizes it is not even close to time for class to start*

*breathes heavily*

Hi everyone.

Well, I found out that Pluto is no longer considered a planet in our solar system. Isn’t that crazy? I mean it’s no longer a freakin’ planet!!! *Sigh* Poor Pluto. I feel sorry for it. Don’t believe me? Go Here It’s on CNN, and CNN NEVER lies….

Well, I guess I should be understanding because Pluto has a really odd orbit, and thus it isn’t always the farthest planet to the sun in theory…but look at everything that it will effect. Now my grade school education was for naught! Naught I tell you!!!!! Sigh. Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet in my own little obscure world. Now they will have to change all the children’s books about the solar system, especially “The Magic School Bus”. Poor “The Magic School Bus”. Also the TV show version of it!!!! AARRGH!!!!!! All those textbooks, all those lectures, all those teachers that need to be retaught!

And what about those astrologists? Now they can no longer use Pluto to aid them in their astrological forecasts. “The alignment of Pluto…well, I guess it doesn’t matter now, just like YOUR life.” All those publications with Nostradamus predicting the Armageddon based on Pluto’s alignment in the universe! Now their predictions about me being a star and a role model will never come true! DARN YOU SCIENTISTS!!!

Well, all things considered, I think I’m taking this news well. I mean I will make it my personal mission to prove that Pluto will still be a planet and I will not rest until…..

OOOOOO….. IC chips!!!!!!!!


The Allengator

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