Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Audio Blog 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + Bonuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Well, work royally sucked for the first time in a while, but enough about that. I did this before, so pardon the cheerfulness ;). Well, I think it explains a lot. I am VERY sorry about the size of it. I tried to compress it for faster downloading, but alas, I sucketh at it. Anyways, here it is.

NUMBER 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus some extras for you, my lovely peeps.

Allie Uncut


Lest we forget this part...

A plug for number 11.

And a special "script".

I thank you for listening. Thank you.

The Alengator
Tags: audio, audio blog

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    One last Twet for the day. I took off the last layer of pants and underwear and put my jogging shorts on for sleepy time. Night everyone!

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    I love monkeys!

  • Allen's Twetter

    @BobMarley Your songs sound like a wailing hippie that is being killed by a grumbling acid tripper.

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