Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Major Slowdowns Ahead...

Well, I just realized that this is the last full week of summer break for me, so I'm going to do some sort of "blog the whole week away" blogathon thingamajig.

After this week, well, Saturday to be precise, I will probably go on a blog break for a while, possibly. I have a hectic schedule the week after next and I want to make sure I can handle doing my job and school in one shot. After I resume my online litany, it may undergo some serious shortage of entries. This will be partially due to, once again, me being busier, and secondly, I have to get some priorities straight. I think I am going to can my website until at least after I am out of college. Sorry guys. I have also been regretfully neglecting my other webmastering project for my church, so I see that as a higher priority. I am also possibly pickingup a new project that I have never done before, to keep myself occupied. No one knows about it except God and I, and I do not wish to tell anyone about it yet, because I may decide that it is stupid and scrap the whole thing. It's nothing major to anyone but myself. When I decide if I will go through with it, I will announce it on here.

I've also been renewed with my Sonic the Hedgehog stuff again. Fun times.

Erin had a party last night. It was fun, talking with people especially. I mean, I actually had a good time joking around with Sara! Never thought I would live to see the day....

Anywho, I better jet. Hope more interesting crap comes up tomorrow.

Take care

The Allengator

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