Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Plugs for Whatever Reason

Hee-dee Hi-dee Ho-dee

I have nothing to talk about, again, so instead of me going on and on about nothing, here are some sites. Enjoy the fruits of my boredom.

Cave Jumper - Awesome platform game that youhave to download. You have to pay to play more then 10 levels though...

Spoiler Fix - An awesome tv shows website, that clues you in on some plots and stuff, but without totally ruining it.

InSONICnia - A funny webcomic that has zero author insertion, meaning the characters act like themselves, or as they would in this comedy. For Sonic the Hedgehog fans only.

Google Current - Cool show based on popular searches on google. It includes Chuck Norris and "numa Numa"(I HATE that vid)...

Lost Notebook - A MUST SEE for "Lost" fans.

Bad Scrabble Hands - Purely for the benefit of Sara ;D. Really bad tiles to play with in a Scrabble game. Heh.

AdTunes - Ever wonder what that one song is on that commercial? Well, thanks to listeners and indie rock fans, you now can know.

Thats all the linkage for now. Keep surfing. I'll write again sometime.

The Allengator

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