Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Words According to the 'Gator (and Other People) Vol. 1


Time for "Words according to the 'gator(and other people)":

Alone - Just remember, when you're feeling alone, so is a bunch of other people, but you are still alone, oh so alone.

Death - Your life will have meaning, because your death is job security for a mortician.

Deserts - Places where only the strong survive, and if they do, they come out wimpering.

Forest - Woody area surrounded by trees and nuts, all the time.

Freedom - Purely theoretical, because everywhere you go, there are rules.

Gripe - You know you can do something better than the way things currently are, and you let everyone know that.

House - See freedom.

Indifference - It takes less muscles to smile than to frown, but it takes even less to show no expression at all.

Kingdom - One man is in charge, who probably has no idea how grueling battles are, telling men what to do, who could very well just kill him and take over, but that would be called America.

Lazy - Why do something when it can be entirely avoided by doing nothing?

Light - A spark of light can be seen in miles of darkness, yet seems irrelevent during the day.

Losing - Winners never quit and quitters never win. People who don't quit and don't win are called losers.

Marriage - A sign that things can ALWAYS go worse.

Opportunity - When one door closes, another one slams shut.

Pain - Pain is nature's way of letting you know you're still alive, but life sucks anyhow.

Policy - These are criteria on how you should conduct yourself and also is a source of groaning.

Sound - Silence is golden, but not as golden as the phrase "Half-off sale".

Swimming - Nothing is as refreshing as a good swim, plus it gets rid of the shower factor.

Teenager - A person who knows everything, yet seems to be wrong most of the time.

Wishes - Wishes can come true if you wish on a falling star, unless its a meteor coming to destroy all life on Earth, then that kills about any chance of that wish coming true, unless the wish was death by meteor.

I might do some more in the future, who know ;)

Take care!

The Alengator
Tags: deffinitions

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