Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Small Altercations

Ok, so I will try to make this as simple as possible.

I know an update on my sidebars has been long overdue, so I changed them, mostly tried to shorten them. Yes, I took a lot of names off, because I honestly thought that I would be using most of the names that was on there before. If I offended anyone in this decision, I'm sorry, but I mostly took off names that I have either not much to talk about, and/or hardly see anymore. If you would like my fan service again, get back into my life ;).

Also, on my LJ, I changed my profile page and I also changed the number of entries that appear on a page. Hopefully access to these entries will be easier and faster now. With some more time off, I might change more stuff, but for the most part, colors and layout will essentially be the same. I'm going to join more groups/blogrings to hopefully get some more readers, because realy, you guys are the only people keeping these things alive :).

Ok, I think that's it, so have fun.

The Allengator

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