Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Flags and the Like

My life has been more of the same lately.

Last night we had a recent convert to the church, Marty, from St. Robert, preach for the second time, I believe, and he had about a 10 minute sermon, which is longer thn most speeched I ever had to do. He did an awesome job for one of the first times. I really need to do it sometime...

Work is smae ol', except I'm working a lot in the "back to school" center, because its pretty busy this time of year (NOTE: I think the "tax-free" weekend is this coming weekend.). Funny story (see, I can do that too, Erin :P), I was spending time putting up stuff like school flags, keychains, and other stuffs, and most of the management on duty, walked by, and the main manager of the store noted that I was working over there. One of the assistant managers was like "Well, I see Starford items, where's Marshfield?", then Greg, the other assistant manager over the area grabbed a Hartville flag and said "Go Hartville! I think they rock!", and I told them that we had no merchandise for Marshfield, and the main manager looked over at Greg and said "You idiot!". That amused me for a while, then the Chicken dance blared over the PA system.

Erin went to California this past week, Louisiana the week before...I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if you can excuse me, I have my sweetheart coming into town soon, then work. I must await both. Sighs.


The Allengator

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