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"We're All Gonna Die" - RT

Ok, now to explain my comment on here yesterday, what do both of the said quotes have in common?

(And who the heck is OP and RT?)

Well, both are quotes from the show "Beast Wars", compy-animated show from the 90's!!! Yes, I am a geek, and the show was totally R0x0Rz back in the day, and still is. Let me give you the low down of the show.

(OP = Optimus Primal, RT = Rattrap)

These two groups, called the Maximals and Predicons, crash on an unknown planet (later revealed to be prehistoric Earth) and have to survive the elements as wel as the opposing group. Maximals (the good guys) wish for peace and want to simply explore the galaxy, while the predicons (the not-good guys) want galaxy-wide domination. Well, they scan for life forms so they can be prevented from overloading when in robot form, so they have a "beast mode". Later on, some change forms due to quasar beans and so forth. The series includes a time/space continuum saga, an alien (vok) saga, and of course the good vs. evil factor. Plenty of action, but no real blood is seen, because they are robots, after all. Now, some good and bad things about the show:

Good things:

Dinobot - Probably the coolest warrior and most noble person on the show. He has a very complicated character and his spark (equivalent to a human heart) is estinguished when he saves the prehistoric human race from the predicon attack, thus saving the future of the world. He was originally a predicon before totally dissing Megatron (predicon commander), and became a Maximal. He comes back later as a "transmetal 2", and actually somehow retains his old memories in the last episode, saving the universe, yet again.

Megatron - He is evil, smart, and stupid at the same time. He is a very strategic person, and his transmetal 2 form is just awesome beyond belief. He seems to know what goes on in his own ranks better than anyone. However, as the series goes on, he is very unaware of his slow-coming insanity, which peaks in the finale.

Season 1 episodes - These were simple, with simple premises, usually you could miss one and still be able to keep up. Subjects vary from all of the maximals being blinded, and learning to use other senses, to finding different ways to leave the island.

Series Finale - I gotta admit, the way the finale was betrayed was awesome. Everything in the entire series finally comes together, and every little thing matters. From Depth Charge giving his life to destroy "Protoform X", to Dinobot standing against Megatron, its a beautiful thing to watch, though painful because of the many casulties.

Comedy feel - Season 2 miserably failed IMO, but, especially season 3, comedy was a big part in the shows. Its not all action, people!

Continuity - The overall continuity is almost perfect. There are only a couple of loose ends, if that. Yes, the series builds on itself a lot, but it makes perfect sense in the end.

Waspinator - Always being blown to pieces, and also gets the final line in the series. Especially in the next to last episode, he would continually make yours truly laugh.

Bad stuffs:

Too little Tigerhawk - I mean come on! He only lasted 2 and a half episodes. Disappointing.

Season 2 - Man, where to begin. Basically, you miss one episode, you miss a ton, kind of like Lost. The episodes mostly revolved around drama and dark concepts. For example, the episode "Transmutate" was one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the whole series IMO. What happens is this robot appears, and a predicon spots it, and he wants him to be his comrade, because he feels left out. One of the Maximals shows up, and then they fight over "Transmutate", after both, yes, BOTH sides refuse to have him, the two guys who have fought over him the whole time fight more, and when Transmutate comes between them, wanting to learn more about the only thing he learns, "pain", they both accidently blow him up. Its so heartbreaking. I nearly cried.

Optimus - He starts out really cool, but slowly becomes more, um, jerk-like, for lack of a better term. He turns more into a commander than a friend IMO.

Vok saga - It was awesome, until the last episode, then it just ended, just like that. The ending is what is dissapointing.

Ok, so theres my rundown of the series. What does everyone else think. What are your opinions. Leave plenty of comments!

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