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Fear My Blog, For the Lapster is Back!

/ignore my ramblings about no lappy yesterday
Bad command name or file
/make everyone smart
Computer can not achieve the impossible
/create blog entry
Already there, stupid!


Uh, ignore all of that up there......just trying to bring my lappy back to normal status. I have missed you, and so have my legions of fans. Everyone bow before the lappy. I actually kissed it several times. The touch pad is functional, and it will charge!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joys!

Now I can add entries with some level of privacy. I am crazy like that. I just need to be alone, with music blaring in my ears, and collect my thoughts. I like my music. I have all sorts of songs on here. I wish I could transfer my list of song titles into a text file. You would be amazed at some of the songs I have.

Ok, I guess to end this entry, I will add a more thourough process for entry adding.

Here we are at stage 1. At this stage I get in touch with whatever emotion I have, slap it, and then see how it feels. I calm down if I am upset, I try to calm down. If I am calm, I reach for some sort of sugar-filled/caffinated beverage so I can be, um, interesting.

Now stage 2 is more on the techy side. I decide whether I want my entry in HTML form or not. I have not done some HTML in a while, well, actually, I have not done a lot of typing lately, but it depends on step one, and how the entry is layed out in my head.

Stage 3 both of my blogs.

Stage 4 I will make a title. If I can not think of one, this becomes stage 5.

Stage 5, unless stage 4 is skipped. I will type my usual introductory thingie like:

"Hello world! Hows it spinning?"


"Well shake my like a chicken and beat me red."

Sometimes I neglect this step, oh well, thats how it goes.

Stage 6: I write the main body of my entry. I try to make it flow and as comprehinsible as possible, unless I do not feel like it (ala pendulum in past diar-er journal), and I try to relate my thought as much or little as I want. I use feedback as my soundboard. I also reread some parts, to make sure that it can not be taken the wrong way, if its possible.

During stage 7, I conclude my argument, if there is one. If there is not, I skip to stage 7 + 1.

Stage 8: I will quickly relate less inportant stuff towards the end. Most headlines are briefly mentioned and elaborated on.

Then stage 9 I make my goodbye statement. It can range from "Until next time" to "Have cow, will travel".

Stage 10 is when I add my trademark "The Allengator". Copyright 1998-2006. Al's rights reserved. I will sue if my name is taken in vain. If it isn't, I'll still sue for neglect.

Stage 11 is optional. If I feel like it, I will add my plug, usually for Vault.

Stage 12 if adding little things, like mood, security, tags and such.

Then comes stage 13, or as I call it, the end boss. I attempt to publish. If I have HTML code in my entry, I cross my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and hair, then I unpretzel myself at the result. If it is successful on Livejournal, then I copy and past to Xanga.

So there you have it, all 13 stages of my process. Wanna know more, just buy my book, "More processes of The Allengator, including love making, looking busy, driving, homework, blogs, deciding what to watch on tv, and many many more. Just send $10.99 to a local retailer who actually cares.

Until next time, pip pip, and all that jazz.

The Allengator


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