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Two Weeks Notice...of Lack of Updates!

Hi everyone. I am really sorry fro not being present like I used to be on here. My life has been one big blur the past couple of weeks. A lot has happened, and I really do not fee l like typing my life with other people looking, so I will just make a list. I will elaborate later when I get some privacy. I said PRIVACY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


List goes as follows:

Walmart stuffs: Walmart setup stuff, Walmart closing ceremony, possibly other stuff...
RIP Miss Kitty. She passed away on July 15, 7:03 pm. She was our cat for many, many years.
Stuff I have discovered

Well, the lapster is still at the doctors office (can somebody say INDIA???!!!???). I hope they mail him back soon.

I had to also fix our home network. Evidently the wireless router went out, so I had to replace it and reset the settings. Sigh, thus is the life.

Um, well, speaking of Walmart, I gotta look the 'ol girl over, um, I mean actually be a customer. I need some stuff. I hope to type more things later, but it may be a while again.

The Allengator

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