Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Something Interesting Has Come Up

I guess I am only working a half-day on Tuesday (da 4th), so I will be able to spend most of the day with Erin, yay.

We got a call that my grandmother on my mom's side of the family is in the hospital due to some diabetic complications. I think most of my family isgoing to be there and stuff, my mom said she might, which will probably include my dad and sister. I'm probably going to stay home.

Heartless you say? Let's just say my family is really not that close. I mean when my mom goes, she will probably be going mostly against her will. I am not going into the whole semantics of the situation, but I will give a rough run down.

My uncles are and not too bright, to be polite, and one even objected to have my mother called from the hospital. They are 1000000 times closer to my grandmother than my mom and aunt are. You know, like hillbilly guards. Both sides are basically at odds with the other, and as rude and heartless as they will be to my mom, I just couldn't go because....I might do some things that aren't exactly Christian. I know they would provoke me and it would not be good, to put it VERY mildly.

That's my life for now. Have a nice day.

The Allengator

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