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Some Quicky Things

Hi, this is the first time I am attempting to crosspost on xanga and livejournal without using software. I am just doing the good old-fashioned cut and paste feature that is available on most Microsoft machines. I do have software that can automatically do this, but it add advertisements on the endof those entries, and I really do not like that. Ad-free all the way!!!!!

Anyways, after that rather lengthy intro, I really do not have much to update on,in spite of myself. Sister Beulah had a rather large collection of tracts and commentaries that she collected over the years, and her daughter, Marceda (sp?) gave them to us, so that we can gather new materials for our libraries. Its kind of sad that I say that my library is not that big. I have study books from past Sunday bible classes, but thats pretty much it. So I gathered a few books for my collection. They are about evolution, sex, drinking, tobacco, and communism...Ok, they do not promote those, don't worry, but I think most of them will come in handy when I begin to preach. I mean I have an actual copy of "The Communist Manifesto" now, and its historical value alone is fascinating.

Speaking of church, both of our usual bible class speakers will be gone, so we need a fill in. I'm thinking about doing it....I will update on this as time progresses.

Erin got a hold of me before I went to church and toldme Aaron is going to Iraq in August. While I am worried, I am oddly not as affected as I thought I would be. I mean, yeah, it's dangerous, but why did he enlist to begin with? He is in high spirits about the situation, which I commend him for. I am just trying to remember that this is what he wants to do, and if he can do good over there, save lives and be a positive influence over the people over there. It is a good learning experiance for both parties over there, and I know with his enthusiasm, he will not let America down. Aaron, I pray for your safety, and everytime I remember it, I will pray some more. I'm proud of you, and you're practically my brother. When you come back, you better bring me something good :P.

I now know who my department manager is, and suprise suprise, I have already met him without knowing, and talked with him before I got my position. He seems like a cool guy. I hope everything turns out good.

I honestly do not have much left. Feel free to leave me a line on what I should talk about. All xangans and LJers give me ideas! In the meantime, I am going to work Not sure what it is yet, but it will be interesting to me.


The Allengator

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