Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I Know Where I Am!

Ok, I know you have been waiting on me telling you where I am going to be in the Stupidcenter. I am oging to be (well, unless I don't like it XD):


So if you need help with furniture please hesitate to find me, because I would rather nap or something......

No assembling, just stocking and handling customer questions. My sister told me it was one of the places she wanted to work, so I guess its good. I told them I wasn't available on Wednesdays and Sundays.....I REALLY hope they follow through on that....Ok, I Pray.

Speaking of sisters, Right now she is going ballistic over Yogi the Bear. "Why?" do you ask. Well, she is freaked out that Yogi has a friend named Boo Boo. Ok, she is not feaked out by the name, but by his NICKNAME. Yogi calls him "Boob". Yeah. Look it up. His nickname is actually Boob. Sad. She was saying how Yogi says "Come on, Boob", or "Theres my little boob now." and lets not forget "My Boob is missing."

Ok, thats enough boob tube talk. Now on to important stuff.

I guess I probably won't be going to Osage BEach tomorrow, so I guess it's a free day. So now I need to make plans for my newfound time.

1) Sleep in
2) Work on the Website
3) Find out what everyone else is doing
4) Be bored
5) Watch more tv shows on dvd like "Three's Company" and "The Cosby Show"
6) Be bored some more
7) Try to get the "boob" discussion out of my head

Well, thats quite the list. So if you can excuse me, there is a workplace that would appreciate my presence....yeah.....


The Allengator

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