Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Check Out My Potato Gun...

Ok, I actually don't have one. I just wanted to Erin's blog title seem like a coincidence.

Well, I would've updated yesterday, but I was kinda irked about work, and not feeling to cool (I would say hot but I was burning up!). I didn't even feel like oging to church last night, which is pretty bad. Want to know how out of it I was? Well, My sister asked me if I wanted to watch "Saved by the Bell" while they were away at church, and I actually said yes. I said YES! I mean, I used to HATE that show, and I still think its mostly stupid. Anyways, I pop it in and realized "Hey, this will help me sleep!" Well, I ended up watching Screech being a total nerd and Slater being an idiot.....its tiring. But I didn't sleep!

Oh yeah, speaking of sleep, I actually had a dream last night. This hardly ever happens. Anyways, I dreamed that the police came to our house and was investigating a murder that happened a couple weeks ago. They thought the assailant put the body on our premisis. Well, we looked outside for a soft spot on the ground, and it was next to our blue shed, like always. Anyways, I dug there while they looked elsewhere and after the umpteenth shovelful, I discovered....dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, a hand. Well, they uncover the body (never seen the girl before in my life) and the police left. Then we left for Branson or somewhere, with my aunt in the car, and she handed me like a $500 dollar bill, with a $1 bill, or $501 for those of you who can't do high math. She said it would help pay for the new van we were getting. My mom was like, "Well, its better than a loan, plus if we get a new van, it won't be partially powerd through ice....." Then I woke up. I had to get up because it was 7:05. Time to go to work.

Anyways, at least I didn't die. Though I'm sure the van would have been in a wreck and I would have a fatal injury.....oh well.

Anywho. I guess I will see if I can convince my mom to take me to OSage Bearch on Saturday, so toodles!


The Allengator

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