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Lyrics - Turn to Stone
Turn to Stone - Electric Light Orchestra

The city streets are empty now
(The lights don't shine no more)
And so the songs are way down low.

A sound that flows into my mind
(The echoes of the daylight)
Of everything that is alive
(In my blue world)

I turn to stone, when you are gone
I turn to stone
Turn to stone, when you comin' home.
I can't go on
Turn to stone, when you are gone,
I turn to stone

The dying embers of a night
(A fire that slowly fades till dawn)
Still glow upon the wall so bright.

The tired streets that hide away
(From here to everywhere they go)
Roll past my door into the day
(In my blue world)

Chorus: repeat

Yes I'm turnin' to stone
'Cos you ain't coming home,
Why ain't you comin' home
If I'm turnin' to stone
You've been gone for so long
And I can't carry on,
Yes I'm turnin' I'm turnin'
I'm turnin' to stone

The dancing shadows on the wall
(The two-step in the hall)
Are all I see since you've been gone.

Through all I sit here and I wait
(I turn to stone I turn to stone)
You will return again someday
(To my blue world)

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Glad to see you back, Mr.Cantrell. *shakes hand* Keep out of trouble with the monkeys, now! ~me!

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