Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I THink I Found a New Hobby

That's right folks:

Buck Approach, except mine's purple...


I love pointy, sharp objects...

I picked up this gem at the Case Knife Shop in Lebanon. Its great, and VERY sharp. IT kinda sorta cut my WAS an accident, I swear! I'm not going emo on you or anything. The weird thing was when I did cut myself, I didn't grumble or yell, I was like *calmly* "Ouch...well, better clean it up..." */calmly* I mean you're talking to a hemophobic guy and I thought NOTHING of the cut. I guess I pride in my knife (however, I wish it were a different color...I mean the purple is ok, but I wish for black or somehting.).

I mean, it's not going to be a hobby or something, but if there are knives, I will look at them and try to find a bargain. I also saw this number at the store *adds to wish list*.

Teh 733T SWISS CARD R40x0rz!!!11!!1!

Ok, other than that, the day was same ol. Slept in and got a cool snoopy shirt. Well, I guess I'm going to look at some more sites. See you guys, hopefully, tomorrow.

CONFORM! DRINK VAULT! (or face the wrath of my knife, hee!)

The Allengator

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