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The Sensational Blooming Monkey
Ok, I have realized that the title makes absolutely no coherancy whatsoever, so I will try to do that with this entry, which by now we all know that the answer is "NO".

Anyways, I guess I have Saturday off now. Walmart is screwing with my poor little brain, changing my work schedule eevery other day. Next, I will probably say "GRRR!!! NOW I HAVE TO WORK SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!! Anyways, the past couple of work days there hve been crazy, but tonight was definately better than Tuesday. I helped unload a truck. Quite fun.

Anyways, tomorrow is my LAST DAY AT STUPID FRESH!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

Other than that, I will leave you with this thought.....If we truly were meant to be by ourselves and not talk much to other people, why did God create a mouth for man. Just a thought.

The Allengator

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I love you, Allen!! Just had to interupt your day to tell you that!!

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