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The Day of the Beast!!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hi everyone. I hope all is well, or so it seems. Today is 06/06/06, so you know what that means.....the antichrist will be born today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY BABY THAT IS BORN COULD BE THE DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. I'm just kidding. Nothing is going to happen, and if it does, like the second coming, I am ready.

Anyways, only 2 more days of stupid fresh left. Yays.

Programming note: Updates on here might be fewer than normal. I need to work on my website and such. I am also reviving the 'ol xanga.....sorry. This will STILL be my main blog, but I figured how to host videos on there as long as you have IE. I am also doing some major renovation on it, in case you couldn't tell.

Man, I havent had a whole day to myself for over a week, and its STILL going to be packed with work and such until then.

Well, I have nothing else to talk about, so good luck childens (yes, I intentionally spelled it "childens")

The Allengator

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Be careful with all the video and camera stuff you do online... you never know who's watching...... ~Erin

What do you mean? You know that the links and stuff I put on here go to videos and such thatI find as funny or interesting. I found out how to link them on the xanga, thats all. I have no idea what you're so worried about....

The Allengator

I was kinda thinking more on the lines of yourself in videos and such. But, yeah, I guess that you only put up cool stuff from the internet. Sorry about the misunderstanding! ~Erin

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