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The Saga of Petey The Monkey - LJ3

The Saga of Petey the Monkey: A Cautionary Tale For Young People

By Allengator86

Petey was feeling lonely one day while sitting in the community center. "Why can I never find a good woman for me?" He thought to himself. Then it happened. An extremely pretty girl monkey came in and eyed Petey immediately. "How are you?" asked Petey. "Fine, and yourself?" asked the attractive girl monkey. "I am better now that I see you." said Petey, hoping it was a good move. "How would you like to dance with me at the ball that is being held in here?" asked Petey. "Sure" said the girl monkey. "What is your name?" "Melinda" "Petey" They began to dance. They suddenly started to play some fast dance music. Petey started to dance. Melinda liked it. Petey started to pull out some fancy moves, which interested some other women at the dance. Petey continued in his exhibition, and more people watched in amazement. Petey finally ended the routine with some slapping of the hind end.

Lots of people cheered. Melinda gave Petey a kiss. Petey felt like he was not alone for the first time in years.

Suddenly someone grabbed him by the throat.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Melinda.

"You know its against our beliefs to dance, especially in the manner he has shown tonight." her dad lectured. "I know. I'm sorry" "To make sure you learned your lesson, I am going to make an example of this dilenquint." "Daddy, NO!"

Melinda's request was too late, because her dad strangled Petey to the point of making him pass out. Then everyone left Petey behind, not wanting to suffer his fate.

Moral: If youre going to make a spectacle of yourself, for the love of everything that is mighty and holy, do NOT slap you butt!

The Allengator
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