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A Monkey of an Entry

Hiya! I hope most if not all is well with you fine peeps.

Tuesday, Erin, her friend Ashley, and I went minigolfing. It was fun, except for the fact that I kinda royally suck at it. Evidently, I also suck at baseball. Isn't it fun to suck at everything? (Especially my face! ~EMC) Then we went to the Nutty Monkey!!!!!!!!!!! I love monkeys, so going to an eatery with it in the title was beyond awesome. There was also loud musicblaring, which Erin and Ashley knew, so I just kinda made up my own lyrics! Anyways, there was a gazeebo outside overlooking the scenic Campbell street. Despite the cars and people yelling, and loud music, and clouds in the sky, and the car lot's blinding lights, it was quite beautiful, well, until Erin and Ashley decided to join me :P. I took the girls home after that, went home, and went to sleep soon afterward.

Then came work, and I would rather not talk about it. I'm just glad I'm leaving in 8 days.

Then church came, and towards the end of the discussion, we somehow came across the topic of evolution, and I said something like "I came from a monkey! That makes more sense than just being created", and Marlene, another lady that goes there said "Maybe YOU are, but I'm not." and Lloyd, her husband, commenced to laughing. I muttered something about loving bananas, and my mom whispered to my pew (Erin was with me) "don't forget the LAST time you brought home bananas." Erin gave me a look. I dangled my head down, then mentioned that it wasn't evolution that made us like this. You see, there are these black obelisks that came from aliens and some monkey touched it, was able to walk on two feet, grab bones, and as soon as his monkey brother stole his food, he used the bone and killed him, ala Cain and Abel. Hey, maybe that would be a good movie....

Anyways, obelisks and monkeys aside. Thank you for your comments Erin and Sara! You two totally make my writings on here worthwhile. Can someone ELSE please comment? Ok, maybe I *shudder* SHOULD revive my xanga, because it 'twould be better than being unpopular on here. Then again, how much better IS xanga?

Ok, thoughtness aside. Erin is goingto be gone the next few days, so I'm going to be bored out of my skull. I hope my recording equipment gets here soon. Ok, its for my church, but I have to test it....heh.

I hope everyone has a good time, until the next time I update. When I do update, I hope everything sucks! JK.

The Allengator

P.S.: This is my last weekend at stupid fresh, so after Sunday, no more cleaning floors for me!!!

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