Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Ok, Finally, a NORMAL Update

If you guys didnt read the last entry, please do. It might explain why I was delayed in updating this thing.

Ok, now for plans. I hope to work on more entries sometime during or after next week. I am in the home stretch of school for the semester, and I want out. I probably will not do my usual update Thursday, unless I have nothing to do that night.

Right now we are doing our "final project" in class. 4 class periods, 1 program. Right now its shaping up to be a robust payroll program. Last Tuesday went well, but Thursday was hectic. I hope the last two are easier, especially Thursday, since I have to leave early. I have a job interview for Walmart Thursday at 3. I really REALLY need this job, especially in the fall. It would also be awesome to work with Jason and a few of the guys again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have several people at walmart vouching for me, so I hope....

I hope to do osme more to this blog, like once again revive "audio blog" entries. I havent had the time the past month to make any, but with school out of the way, it'll be easier to do more.

The sumo bots work. I hope to make a video tomorrow or Thursday, whenever time permits.

I have also been doing some extensivework to my website. I won't say its awesome, because its not, but it took quite a while to create, so I'm proud of myself.

I better head. I hope to update with more good news, if it happens. I hope everyone else has a good day.


The Allengator

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