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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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More Hiatus
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey, sorry for the long hiatus, but its not getting any better. I have nto felt like updating for a while because I just did not feel like being my usual self on here, and I'd rather not exlain why, even if it is private.

This entry is to tell you that the hiatus will continue indefinately for a while longer. Not only am I still not up to par, but I have school to catch up with, and other life stuff.

Sister Beulah, at my church, passed away this morning. I recieved a call about 3:45 and Lloyd told me that she passed away during an operation. I am going to miss her a lot. Her spirit. Her being. It hurts to think of it. I hope to write an entry in her honor whenever I get a chance to. I hope you are finding comfort in a better place Beulah.

So my life is insignificant compared to all thats going on. I hope I feel better soon, so don't expect much on here in the near future.

The Allengator