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Life, More Than a Game, It's Mine

Ok, I am clearly avoiding the huge amounts of homework I have in programming class, so tomorrow should be uber stressful! Ok, quick rundown of random facts.

Had the gospel meeting this week. It was awesome seeing Mike again. He did such a great job of preaching. I haven't felt this spiritually rejuvinated in forever.

I am temporarily stocking at stupid fresh. I am counting on it being temporary, but hey, its a break from the front.

I resent my application at Wal Mart.

I am now webmaster of my church website. I hope I can straighten some things out on it. I also need to find a way to advertise it in the area, including other congregations in Missouri.

Erin and I have been doing some spiritual enrichment. She actually came to the service, and to my suprise, was very receptive of it. Did I mention that I love her?

Lost sucked last week. Laaaaaaaame.

My last test sucked worse than Lost. I totally screwed up the validation section. There wasn't enough time, I swear.

Pearls has been VERY funny the last three days.

Oh, and in referrence to the last post, instead of an LED marquee in the back of my car, I would convert it as a "bumper sticker" LED marquee. Gotta give Sara credit for inspiring this idea. Better patent it before someone else thinks of it.

I will probably be adding some "friends only" entries soon, so best ask to be my friend ;). Seriously, I don't bite.

Again, lack of updates should be expected. Since I am webmastering, it will take up some time, but when I get the hang of it, itll be easier for me.

I hope everyone has a groovy week.

The Allengator

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