Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Bleeps and Other Crap

Ok, time to dwelve into the mailbox for a commonly asked question:

Why don't you do any $#$%%@# cussing or death threats?

The answer is simple. I don't do that in real life, and if I do, its usually caused by narcolepsy.

As for cussing, I can probably use every cuss word and phrase in the urban dictionary. I really could. My morals, however, cause me to refrain in that sort of talk. I reall hater being around it too. For example, if someone leaves an innappropriate comment on here, I can ask for it to be edited or deleted. Simple as that. I just can't tolerate that sort of stuff. The worse thing I say is crap, or friggin. I have my own set of phrases:

Holy monkey!
Stupid idiot
good grief

I sometimes refer to certain someones as "prick", but I hardly use it because, the "prick" recently got transferred to Fair Grove, heh.

It is my personal belief that God does not like defiling of the tongue. Other people choose to do it, and its their choice. If it gets to be to much, I let them know and they usually respect that.

Ok, death threats. Yeah, why don't I slit my own friggin' wrist because my life is so $#$*%#$ terrible right now! I think I will!!!!

Yeah, saying junk like that really doesn't appeal to me. It is just a sign of immaturity in my opinion and is more of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Now....

Let's kill Mr. Person because he gave us all F's for not folling the stupidist direction on homework.

Uh, no. People may bother me, but I don't condemn them to death, just Hell. Ok, so maybe I think, "That is not the sort of attitude a person in heaven would have, so there, he's going to Hell." I have done this, eh, roughly 3 times lately, but honestly, they are, for the stupid things they are doing right now.

Ok, I'm almost done ranting.

I was considering today of creating a second blog on here that states my thoughts, which would probably create many people to not like me, but I would do it under a different name and not mention a connection between the two. Like, maybe be fwfwfwe92 on myspace and putting my thesis on the internet for all to see. I decided not to though, and I won't do it on here either. Its just not me. I am more of an easy going guy. Sure, I snark on here a lot, but I'm usually satisfied with life.

Ok, I think that is it for the day. Have a good one folks, on this PG blog.


The Allengator
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