Allen (allengator86) wrote,

One Thing

I imagine walking on stilts is a pretty difficult task. I never bothered with it because I don't really have the body built for it, and I don't have the best sense of balance. I remember the fiasco that ensued when I learned how to ride a bike and I'm NOT willing to relive that situation. Still, if a trained monkey in Sri Lanka can do it, surely anyone can. All I know is that it takes quite a bit of concentration to wield those things, and all it takes is one small pebble to throw things off kilter and send the passenger careening toward the ground.

I'm not an expert on stilt walking by any means, but I do think that it can take one thing, even seen by others as insignificant, can make a difference. Why does NASA make so many checks on a shuttle before liftoff? Because one tiny infraction of the shuttle can cause a disaster like the Challenger. I believe it took one minor thing to bring that mission to a tragic end.

Some people sometimes has that one thing that changes their life. How about a couple that suddenly find out they will be parents soon? That one bit of news will change lives for those people. They may need to make lifestyle changes, find better jobs, seek some stability, change habits that could be harmful for a newborn. There are also emotional adjustments that are made as well. Maybe they need to suddenly "grow up" some and become more responsible. Perhaps they have to change their language or how they talk about people with the kid around. That one thing can change a lot.

What about meeting that special person in your life. I'm a firm believer in finding someone that just doesn't complete you, but is someone that will make you want to be a better person. I wouldn't want to be with someone that would be fine with me not improving myself. I've seen people change their character, for the better, just because they have that motivation, that special person in their life. One thing, but it can change a lot.

Who knows why pebbles, rocket integrity, children, or a significant other can change so much, but it's like the tiny grain of sand that can irritate an oyster into producing a pearl. It doesn't have to take a ton or people, an army, or countries to institute change, it can be at a microscopic level. A group of many can change things, but it can take just one tiny thing to ruin it all.

Troubles in life don't need to pile on a person to make them break down. Sure, stress and life can bring a person down, but sometimes all it takes is one word or a gesture to completely break a person. Sometimes a person falling can bring a world crashing down for someone else. It may just take a contrite look to make a person fume in anger. Something insignificant.

I've felt like I've been on a downward descent lately, and despite trying to find happiness in everyday life, trying to stay positive, trying to push back against all of the negativity in my life, it has just been overwhelming me. Something that should not have been a big deal just made me break down recently. All of those negative things, the pressure, the overwhelming nature of moving on with my life, just hit me like a wrecking ball. Fear consumed me and sadness dwelt within my soul. I just want something positive. Some good news. Something to restore my faith in life. Hearing stories about people doing bad things, things that were bright parts of my life becoming darker, people getting shot, sexually assaulted, burned, destroyed, people just spewing negativity all over the place, and wondering if anyone is thinking about me has just brought me down once again. I'm picking up the pieces and trying to figure out what I should do next. With nothing to really guide me and no one to really talk to, I'm just afraid I'll be back here again, in fear, just because of one thing setting my trigger. I need an out. Badly.

Something needs to change.

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