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Ketchup...Er...Catsup?...Um...Catch Up!

Hello to the wild world of the Internet and all two of you who follow my blog on here!  It's been a long time since I last updated on here (about six months since I've done a blog entry proper on here), and quite a bit has happened.  Part of it has caused me to be away from this blog as well as my other blog, and for once I'm not going to overly complain about it.  I think this calls for a catch up session on here.  Thus the title.  Well, I also have an affinity for ketchup, but that's beside the point.

The first bit of news I am happiest about.  I have quit my old job and started a new job!  The old Baal-Mart was really getting to me both physically and mentally.  In short, I was becoming a depressed, overly-jaded elderly man when I should be feeling the energy of my so-called youth.  As much as I would love to go over the juicy details of my departure, I will talk about it some.  My last day involved a couple of bro-hugs.  I said "bye" to people who didn't realize I was leaving.  I also left mutually.  Unfortunately, as much as they have screwed me and my family and friends over, I still had to have this friggin' "nice guy" act.  People have been telling me far and wide that I'm a "nice guy" lately.  I do try, but my question is "when will my day come?"  Nice guys need a wife to procreate with too!

Handing in my two weeks was probably my best moment ever.  I felt emancipated after handing the three sentence letter to lower management.  What made it sweeter was that it was to my assistant and his immediate underling manager.  Two birds with one stone.  I handed the letter, told him "this is my two weeks" and walked off before he could tell me he wouldn't take it.  It was liberating, and for the first time the world was brighter and birds were chirping where I worked.  Now this may partially be because they just installed new lighting and a bird was on the loose (and pooping all over the place I may add), but I would like to think it was the freedom ringing in my heart.

Now of course I wouldn't have left without locating new work.  This is a funny story...well, for me at least.  After spending over a year securing work and going through grueling interviews and painful job fairs, I landed me a job at an insurance company doing maintenance work on their legacy systems on an outdated programming language.  It was a contracting position that was supposed to be "long-term".  No benefits, paid vacation, taxes, or sick days.  I asked the chances of securing regular full-time employment, and they said that could take some time.  I was fine with that, because it was still a sight better than being yelled at by a man who just comes up to my nipples.  Then I got a call from another place with a similar offer, except they claim to have a more concrete plan.  They wanted to hire me as a contractor for a few months, then pursue full-time employment if things worked out.  I had classes with a couple of guys there and most are graduates from the same college.  They used more up-to-date software, but were a much smaller operation.  I decided to go with them, because 1) It wasn't insurance (I would have to take classes on insurance and government regulations...ick!) and 2) They seemed to be a more tight-knitted group of people.  In the end, I hope I made the right choice.  I'm still in the contract "grace period", but I really hope to be a full-fledged member of the team.  If I don't, which is always a possibility, I can at least say I have valuable experience in the field now.  I have learned so much in the past few weeks it isn't funny.

What I like about the job is that it is in the field I studied for, I don't have to deal with over-bearing managers who annoy the snot out of me, and I don't have to deal with John Doe, the hillbilly who carries a shotgun with him everywhere as a customer.  I have been getting some much needed validation and genuine appreciation for what I do.  A job hasn't provided the satisfaction I now have like this one has.  I'm happier, less depressed, and can hold my head up high.  My class reunion will say Allengator is a Programmer instead of a peon at Baal-Mart.  Not that there is anything wrong, but I am smart, and I have gotten an education, and I can do so much more than serve for people I could beat three times over on an IQ test.  I'm not getting full of myself, but it feels better when the CEO of a company is someone who actually works and knows a ton more than you do.

But enough about that.  My personal life has changed some too.  First, I've been trying to be more spontaneous and brave with what I do.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to bars or clubs, perish the thought.  I mean I am doing things I kept telling myself to do, but never got the motivation for.  I became friends with a really neat person, and she has pushed me to try new things and get myself out there more.  Now when I see a place that catches my eye, I will usually check it out.  I am no longer curious about the arcade.  When a place catches my eye, I say "why not" and go for it.  I wish I could be that brave with women, but I'm getting there.  The guys I work with have taken me to places I haven't been to before.  It's helped me get out of the rut I've been in lately.  I'm still in a rut in a way, but I have options to go after now. 

Unfortunately, my love life is nothing to write about right now.  I went on a lunch date with a girl a few months ago, but that has been about it.  I'm still looking for love, but it seems to be taking its sweet little time getting over here.  Maybe I already know my future wife.  Maybe she is still out there.  Only the future holds the answer, and it is being the proverbial bully, lording the key just barely out of my reach.  The future is probably a basketball star or Asian.

My hobbies are varied now too.  Spending more time at work has caused me to barely keep up with the shows I like that are on TV now, let alone any extra ones, like anime, or time to play games.  I have recently acquired all of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Spice and Wolf, the two Evangelion movies, Baka and Test, Squid Girl, and Fairy Tail lately.  There aren't a ton on the horizon that I want to get, aside from more Fairy Tail and Madoka Magica.  I need to get more involved again, but I am still transitioning to my new job, and if the rest of the crew is any indication, my free time may be coming to a close soon.  I hope to keep my life compartmentalized like I have been to so far.  I need my down time between shifts at work.  I need my mindless television, my time with friends and family.  I hope I can keep some semblance of that in the future.  Only time will tell.

As for blogging, there is no way I am going to be returning to the update regimen I used to have.  I can barely tolerate coming home to type in front of a computer after spending 8+ hours typing in front of a computer.  Plus, I have my other blog that I need to update again, which keeps my interests more.  My life is less interesting and I have less to blog about since I am out of soap opera city now.  I also have less time to dedicate to the blog.  Just don't be surprised if you don't hear from me much for the near future.  I will blog some again, it just may be a while.  Keep your RSS feeds or eyes on this blog and you may be surprised with an entry again in the future.  Maybe around the holiday season when I get more days off.

Until then, keep everything frosty!

The Allengator


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