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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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My New Anime Blog
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey guys!

I am not ending the hiatus on here just yet, but I wanted to link you to a new blog I am starting solely dedicated to anime, since it is probably my main hobby now. You can find my anime blog at http://www.animeblog.allenspalace.com. I am not giving up on here just yet. I would like to keep this blog for other nerd stuff as well as a personal reflection area. I am still having a hard time of finding things to talk about with people in real life let alone on here, so the hiatus will be continuing for a while longer, sorry. Again, I plan on updating here again sometime in the future, I just don't have a time table for that. Expect to find more activity on my other blog for now.

The Allengator