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For some anime-ness, check out my new digs at the Funimation beta I will be re-posting some of my old reviews, new reviews, and maybe some other stuff that may not appear on here. I will still be posting here too, but I like to keep this more as a variety/personal blog than a strict anime one.

Also, I've been noticing a huge spike in spam comments lately. I have had to resort to captcha and screening all non-member comments but I am beginning to think I need to make the comments "LJers only" to get rid of 95% of them. Its been a pain to constantly go to my inbox and hit "delete, delete, delete" on all this spam. It's not quite as easy as that but it's annoying. If I don't see a drop in these soon then I will have to resort to both complaining to the LJ management and changing the comments settings which I really don't want to do, but it may have to be done. I just hope this whole mess can be taken care of.

Digimon 2 complaints coming soon!

The Allengator
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