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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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My Personal Funimation Blog
Ice King, Adventure Time
For some anime-ness, check out my new digs at the Funimation beta http://beta.funimation.com/user/allengator. I will be re-posting some of my old reviews, new reviews, and maybe some other stuff that may not appear on here. I will still be posting here too, but I like to keep this more as a variety/personal blog than a strict anime one.

Also, I've been noticing a huge spike in spam comments lately. I have had to resort to captcha and screening all non-member comments but I am beginning to think I need to make the comments "LJers only" to get rid of 95% of them. Its been a pain to constantly go to my inbox and hit "delete, delete, delete" on all this spam. It's not quite as easy as that but it's annoying. If I don't see a drop in these soon then I will have to resort to both complaining to the LJ management and changing the comments settings which I really don't want to do, but it may have to be done. I just hope this whole mess can be taken care of.

Digimon 2 complaints coming soon!

The Allengator

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Yeah I said the same thing on my last one. I have one there, but at the moment I'm too lazy too look it up. Well ok an account. I'm actually thinking of leaving Live Journal. But no matter where you go you'll get spammed, thanks to morons who sit in there grandma's basements whose only job is to make it harder for everyone else to enjoy a smooth internet.

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